Case Studies

Mother Goose Time

Convenient Curriculum

Advant customized WooCommerce to fit the precise business requirements of this beloved educational publisher

Services provided
  • Branding + Design
  • Customized Development
  • Custom Extensions
  • API Integrations

Design matters

Advant sweated the details when it came to the design of the Mother Goose Time website. We were sure to test and re-test the to ensure checkout and navigation was as simple as possible on the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Visual Appeal

Eye-catching, high quality imagery is an important sales factor. Higher quality images lead to higher conversion rates in an online store, especially on individual product description pages.

Subscriptions with Ease

Certified Woo Experts

Advant is one of only a handful of Gold WooCommerce Experts in the world! We are a small yet highly skilled team of WooExperts with a combined 30+ years of WooCommerce experience.

Shipping Streamlined with

Shipstation Integration

Advant helped Mother Goose Time manage its heavy 24/7 customer demand by integrating ShipStation with WooCommerce for easy order fulfillment. Subscription and Teacher Store orders trickle into ShipStation from Mother Goose Time’s WooCommerce store where they can be filtered with Advant’s custom tags and sorted into batches for quick bulk label printing. ShipStation takes things further by allowing shipments to be sent by multiple carriers, tracking numbers included. These tracking numbers are sent back to WooCommerce to trigger shipment autoresponder notifications so customers may track their order.

Faster Fulfillment

View and filter all incoming orders on a single screen.

Plugin integration

Informative Dashboard

Shipstation's Dashboard is full of useful information, viewable upon login.

Plugin integration

Shipping Stats

ShipStation's reporting features show a variety of fulfillment stats, including lists of popular products.

Plugin integration


Blog Hosting

Advant designed the look of Mother Goose Time’s blog. Their blog is hosted by Hubspot, an inbound marketing software that helps companies attract more website visitors, snag more customers, and maintain client relationships.

Updating Subscribers
Hubspot simplifies sending newsletters, blog updates, and other marketing emails.

We Developed

Standout Solutions

Technology used & developed for this feature
Developed from Scratch
  • Subscription Generator
  • Allow Product Backorder
  • Password Protected Member Resources
  • Complimentary Orders
  • Tax-Exempt Orders
  • Order Origin
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